Chain-link is often a home or business owner’s go-to fencing material option due to its affordable and durable nature, and because it allows natural light to filter through the exposed sections.

There are different finishing options available in the chain-link category such as Galvanized, which is the most popular and often uses Zinc as the metal of choice. Polymer Coating is a powder-based finish whereas PVC is vinyl-based. Both PVC and Polymer produce a rubber-like coating over the metal giving it a clean look while protecting against the elements and potential rust. Another chain-link option is known as Slated, which offers more privacy for the chain-link material with slats that are inserted and woven between the metal sections, effectively turning your basic chain-link fence into a privacy fence.

Whichever style of chain-link you choose for your Central Arkansas home or business, do so with confidence when you hire Bee Fencing and Decks as your fencing contractor!

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Every job that we do is backed by the "Bee Guarantee." Our fences comes with a lifetime vinyl warranty, lifetime aluminum warranty, and a lifetime metal post warranty. Making sure our clients have peace of mind after our job is done is one of our priorities. If you have any questions regarding our Bee Guarantee, would like to schedule an appointment for your fence or deck to be repaired, or a new one installed, call us today!