Looking for maintenance-free privacy? We've got your back with our industry-leading vinyl lineup!

Ever wonder how people have the time to spend with friends and family while making the money they want? Me too, but I assure you they're not wasting their time screwing in wood pickets that just won't stay on. They built peace of mind when they chose a vinyl privacy fence backed by our lifetime warranty. Worried about washing it? Save your back with our 2 free vinyl fence washes! Don't like the look of white vinyl fences? Rest easy knowing we have many colors and styles to choose from, including options that even look like cedar. Buy back your time when you choose our no-maintenance vinyl fence! No matter what style of Vinyl fence you decide on, know that Bee Fencing and Decks will ensure your fence is sturdy, safe, long-lasting, beautifully designed, and expertly installed!

Central Arkansas agrees that Vinyl fencing is a great addition to their homes and businesses!

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The "Bee Guarantee"

Every job that we do is backed by the "Bee Guarantee." Our fences comes with a lifetime vinyl warranty, lifetime aluminum warranty, and a lifetime metal post warranty. Making sure our clients have peace of mind after our job is done is one of our priorities. If you have any questions regarding our Bee Guarantee, would like to schedule an appointment for your fence or deck to be repaired, or a new one installed, call us today!